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TEDx SoongChingLingSchool | Countdown


Climate change is a significant issue that demands urgent attention. It leaves detrimental effects on the Earth, and requires everyone to participate to ameliorate it.  Therefore, TEDxSoongChingLingSchool organized the event, TEDxCountdown, aimed to educate and inspire people to act for a better tomorrow.


The Show 演讲当日

Since September, members of the TEDxSoongChingLing School ECA worked diligently to present a brilliant showcase.

从九月至今,TEDxSoongChingLingSchool ECA的同学们在这3个多月来一直努力筹备,不断练习,最终为大家呈现了一场别为精彩的演讲。

December 10, 2021

Second Show

By the entrance, the audience are welcomed not only by our delighted students, but also the students' art and book galleries. 


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Professor Wang 王梓萌教授

This year we invited the pro-

fessor in the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at Fudan University, Professor Zimeng Wang. He is interested in diverse aspects of aquatic geochemical processes and served as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the official journal of the International Association of GeoChemistry. His speech on “Climate Change and Youth in Action” inspired the audience a lot.

今年,我们邀请了复旦大学环境科学与工程学的王梓萌教授。王教授主要从事环境地球化学与土壤防控等相关领域的研究,担任《Applied Geochemistry》期刊的共同主编,他的演讲主题深深启发了在场的所有人:气候变化与行动中的青年。


Louis Hao - Grade 8

Louis talked about the importance and need for us to care about global warming now and why a global temperature rise of 1 degree can be deadly.



Harry Ji - Grade 12

Harry presented how biodegradable plastics can ameliorate climate change, analyzing the issue through a scientific lens.



Sophie Li - Grade 7

Sophie focused on the impact of ice melting globally on animals and ourselves, as well as possible solutions for us to act on a daily basis.



Lily Wang - Grade 10

Lily talked about how CO2 emissions influence climate change and how technology can mitigate it.



Jiayu Wang - Grade 9

Jiayu proved that providing education for more girls mitigates climate change.



Catherina Yuan - Grade 11

Catherina discussed the principles of CO2 storage under the seabed and how we can be involved in the solution. 



Keefe Chang - Grade 6

Keefe explained how climate change causes the growth of warm water algae and its detrimental impact on Earth.



Sophia Ji - Grade 10

Sophia dived into how bubble tea exacerbates climate change, and created inspirations for us to take actions in our daily lives.


At the end of her speech, she also sang a brilliant song "What a Wonderful World" that urged us to love the Mother Earth we live in.


Host:Rainbow Gu  - G12


Our Team Behind the Scene

Special thanks to our members behind the scenes! Without the superb team, the event would not be successful. When speakers worked on their speeches, other members focused on their jobs. Whether it was revising speeches or editing pictures and videos, not a single task was easy, but all of us enjoyed the process.


准备 Preparation

We practiced till the last moment of the show, making sure the event would run smoothly.


We also practiced nonstop while waiting backstage.


Backstage 后台


Achieving success in such a big event was not easy. But we did it! Even though much of the audience was unable to attend due to COVID restrictions, the applause from the crowd were still loud and powerful.


A Perfect Ending 完美落幕

The second TEDxSoongChingLing

School ended with joy and satisfaction. We are one people, one world and together we can create a wonderful world hand in hand!


我们的团队 Meet Our Team

Instructor: Alexis Laffont

Lead & Co-Organizers: Sophia Ji, Jiayu Wang 

Speech Coach: Lucy Wu

Event Host: Rainbow Gu 

Executive Managers & Producers: Hazelle Lin, Simon Wang, Fifi Xing, Dora Feng 

Video & Production Lead: Ariel Lei, Elizabeth Li, Ray Wang, Louis Hao 

Communications & Marketing Directors: Rainbow Gu, Cleo Gu, Abigail Hu, Jennifer Ji

Speakers: Sophia Ji, Jiayu Wang, Catherina Yuan, Sophie Li, Keefe Chang, Lily Wang, Louis Hao, Harry Ji

撰稿 : Rainbow Gu(学生), Sophia Ji(学生)

摄影 : Ariel Lei(学生), Elizabeth Li(学生), Ray Wang(学生), Emma Gonzalez-Cueto(学生