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At 7:00 p.m. on May 21, 2021, Childhood Innocence, Keep It Forever: the 10th International Art Festival of SCLS was successfully held in Shanghai Grand Theater. About 840 students and faculty members from more than 30 countries and regions gathered together to participate in the great event.


Chorus: Our Motherland


Hosts of the Art Festival


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Childhood Innocence, Keep It Forever is the theme of this year’s Art Festival. It means “Never forget the dream you had as a child and always work hard for the realization of that dream.” The opening chorus Our Motherland reminds everyone that only with a strong motherland we can live in peace and happiness. 


Orchestra: I Love You, China


Musical Play: A Frog Writes Poems


Musical Play: Each Fish Should Be Cared


The musical Each Fish Should Be Cared from Grade 3 students is based on one of their Chinese texts. It tells a warm story about a kind little boy who tried to save the little fishes on the seashore. Through this story, we hope the students can be inspired to cherish lives and have strong empathy for the suffering of others. SCLS believes that education is about teaching children to have a benevolent heart as well as an open mind.


Singing with Performance: Crow and Fox


Singing with Performance: Gu Dong


Chorus and Recitation: Father, Woods and Birds


Peking Opera: Man Jiang Hong


The Peking Opera Man Jiang Hong from Grade 5 students is one of the practices of Operas Entering Campus program. It is a classic performance of our art festival. This year, the students have greatly improved their understanding of the beauty of the quintessence of the traditional Chinese culture. The patriotism and heroism of Yue Fei was displayed incisively and vividly. Through this performance, the students felt closer to Peking Opera and Chinese traditional opera culture.


Dance: Snow Kids


Recitation with Music: The Little Match Girl


Drama: Xiangru Returned the Jade Intact to the Zhao State


Drama: A Piece of Cheese


This year, many scripts of the performances are rewritten from students’ familiar texts, such as the dance Snow Kids, the recitation with music The Little Match Girl, the singing with performances Crow and Fox, the Peking Opera Man Jiang Hong, and Drama A piece of Cheese. The purpose of adapting the texts into various artistic forms and presenting on the stage is to help students understand the texts more deeply, so that they would enjoy and love the subjects better. As a result, the show became more vivid and appealing. The students led us travel through time and space with their sincere and lovely performances.


Pop Music: Dream It Possible


Rock and Roll: Best Day of My Life


Poetry Ricitation: The Beauty of Chinese Poetry


Suzhou Pingtan: Looking for Spring


Due to the COVID pandemic, the annual Art Festival couldn’t be held as scheduled last year. This year, with the pandemic still not under control around the world, it is very fortunate for us to be able to hold our Art Festival. With gratefulness and vigour, all teachers and students presented a wonderful show. Our international teachers were also fully involved in the planning and design of the performances, such as the selection of music and the arrangement of stage. Dream It Possible added rap elements and Best Day of My Life was played in rock style. The integration of eastern and western cultures and the mix of multiple arts made it an international and wonderful stage.


Shanghai Rap: Be Together


Dancing and Singing Performance: Flowers Blossom in a New Era


Folk Music: Sing a Folk Song to the Communist Party of China


“Childhood Innocence, Keep It Forever.” With art, we praise love and peace and express our wish for a beautiful future.