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TEDx SoongChingLingSchool



The Fourth TEDxSCLS Event


Lights turned off, eight bells rang, then our hearts raced. As the curtain opens and lights shine onto the red carpet and logo,  applause welcomes the host to kick off the show, marking the beginning of the fourth TEDx event at SCLS. 


Dare To Change


For the first time, we invited two guest speakers and welcomed all students, faculty, and parents in the international division to participate in the event. An adorning photo booth, high-quality student artwork, and eye-catching souvenirs decorated our event. 


Rewind to the Event



Clarisse Le Guernic

Clarisse presented the ups and downs of her career as the founder of Arcade Experience in China and shed light on how tourism could adjust in the post-pandemic era. 


“Changes that we cannot control, like a global pandemic, can also conduct us to decide how we want to change things.”



Eric He

Eric introduced the long history of change regarding technology, economics, and society, which set out a perfect overview of the theme. 



Shiwen Chen

Shiwen then brought attention to how she has adapted to different cultures and learned to be more confident when moving around the world. At the end of her speech, she accentuated the importance of change using three languages that she gained familiarity with during her stays in respective countries. 


“只有当你敢于改变时,你才会知道结果。Ce n'est que lorsque vous oserez changer que vous connaîtrez le résultat et la manière dont vous changerez. Only when you dare to change, will you know the result and how you will change.”


Akiyo Tani

Akiyo wowed everyone with the new technology, Web3, that will revolutionize our society. She grabbed the attention of the audience by contrasting the world under Web1 and Web2 and presenting the potential “digital renaissance of data” under the dominance of Web3. 

Akiyo展示的新技术Web3让每个人都惊叹不已,它将彻底改变当今社会结构。她通过对比Web1和Web2下的世界,大胆展望 未来Web3 主导下的“数据数字化复兴”,让观众感叹科技的力量。


Elaine Orange

Elaine boldly pointed out how the way of viewing mistakes that society launched was wrong and advocated people to “picture success as a fountain,” in which “some water will inevitably splash out from time to time when making mistakes, but success will continuously replenish when we learn from every mistake. 



Ashley Huang

Ashley, our youngest speaker, shared her story about encountering culture shocks when moving from Singapore to China, combined with psychological concepts to explain how she coped with them.



Panya Zhu

Panya discussed how she and her friends subvert gender stereotypes by participating in and enjoying soccer and frisbee. 

“Sports allow females to challenge themselves, develop new perspectives, and be confident.”




Alan Tsoi

Alan, as our final student speaker, told a heart-warming personal story of how he changed his views on the unequal sign between him and the majority, ending his speech by emphasizing how self-love should replace self-loathing when looking in the mirror. 


“The unequal sign might be unequal to others, but what only matters is that the unequal sign is equal to you.”



Pete Rogers

Pete ended the show by presenting a passionate speech full of rhetorical questions that guided the audience to the “secret sauce” of self-leadership that enables us to daringly change. Remember to value consistency over intensity, motivate yourself by higher standards, and find gratitude! 


Words From 

Our Hearts


Miguel Valdes (Sponsor Teacher 指导老师) – “It was our first in-person event this year after a long pause due to COVID. One can easily ‘lose touch’ in terms of how to organize and coordinate everything to make the event successful. However, with dedication and effort, one can succeed in making TEDxSCLS a memorable event, and so this year’s Dare to Change was not the exception!”


Kristin Espanola(Sponsor Teacher 指导老师) – “I am so proud of the SCLS TEDx team this year. Amidst all of the uncertainty, the March event proved to be the opportunity for students and teachers to engage in the powerful ideas our speakers were able to share. I am so honored to be part of this group and can’t wait for our next event!”


 Sophia Ji (Lead Organizer 主领导者) – “From every speaker's story of their courageous life to the event's organization process, we dared to change. We all transformed from small and plain-looking chrysalises into forceful and graceful butterflies, taking and spreading the pollens of ideas to places and people farther away. Great job, everyone!”


Jiayu Wang (Co-Organizer 副领导者) – “This wonderful TEDx event is the result of the hard work of every single person in the amazing team. As the first in-person event since COVID, we faced lots of challenges such as postponement and all kinds of policies. It was due to everyone’s continuous input—the countless coordinating, communicating, writing, editing, and re-editing—that this was all made possible, and I appreciated every minute of working together with this team :)”


Elaine Orange (Speaker 演讲者) – “This year was my first time participating in a TEDx event, and I was delighted! The organization of hard-working offstage members, teachers, and organizers was incredible, and the speakers' speeches were truly heartfelt. I'm so glad the event ran smoothly after everyone's hard work since September, thank you to the TEDxSCLS team!”


Addison Zheng(Host 主持人) – “It’s been a pleasure to work with everyone on this event. Although we've encountered a lot of trouble with COVID, we were able to overcome it and present an amazing show to the audience. I’ve enjoyed my time working with all the other members of the TEDxSCLS team and I hope to run it back next year.”


Thank You! 致谢!

The flawlessness of the show could not have happened without all the hard work dedicated by the TEDxSCLS team members. From backstage staff to the speakers out front, the team members demonstrate thoughtfulness and responsibility, and above all, they “dare to change.” Regardless of the sudden pandemic outbreak last December, our team reacted promptly and changed the plans boldly. 

TEDx-ers, give yourself a pat on the shoulder! 


In addition, we would like to thank the teachers who helped us throughout the preparation process and the audience for being supportive and attentive to our event. Your support ensured the smoothness of the event, and your applause warmed our hearts!


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It’s Your Turn to Shine!


The fourth TEDxSCLS event is a dare itself. To change does not simply mean to modify, but stands for trusting yourself and being courageous to take a step forward. 



Holding back and conforming to the norms is not the answer. It is time to stand up for yourself and show the world what you’ve got. Be the change instead of waiting to be changed!



See you next year!


Meet Our Team


Lead Organizer 主领导者: Sophia Ji

Co-organizer 副领导者: Jiayu Wang

Sponsor Teachers 指导老师: Miguel Valdes, Kristin Espanola

Guest Speakers 演讲嘉宾: Clarisse Le Guernic, Pete Rogers

Speech Coach 演讲指导: Jiayu Wang, Louis Hao

Event Host 主持人: Addison Zheng

Executive Managers 执行管理组: Akasa Mei, Hazelle Lin, Sammi Chi

Communication & Marketing Directors 媒体沟通组: Alan Tsoi, Jennifer Ji, Karena Kwok

Designers 设计师组: Annie Yu, Vicky Le

Video & Production Leads 摄影剪辑组: Nono Chen, Elizabeth Yao, Joey Lin

Speakers 演讲者: Eric He, Shiwen Chen, Akiyo Tani, Elaine Orange, Ashley Huang, Panya Zhu, Alan Tsoi

Authors 作者: Alan Tsoi, Sophia Ji

Translation 翻译: Karena Kwok

Edited by 排版: Jennifer Ji

Photography by 拍摄: Elizabeth Li, School Communications Team