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全人教育|国际部中学西班牙语文化传承周 Hispanic Heritage Week


SCLS is home to a varied international community, teachers, and students, with many different backgrounds and cultural differences. But there is something that binds us together, and that is our desire to learn from others, to share the good memories of our school life, and of course, most importantly, to have fun and learn to share, learn and respect while we play.


Every student of the IDMS of SCLS must choose one of French and Spanish on the first day of entry. The cultural week is also an essential component of whole-person education. The idea of the Hispanic Heritage Week at our school is based on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) requirements: Culture, Connections, and Comparisons.

每一位宋校国际部中学的孩子在进入的第一天就要从法语和西班牙语中挑选一门学习,文化周的活动也是全人教育的重要组成部分,在我们学校举行的西班牙裔传统文化周的想法寄于美国外语教学委员(ACTFL) 制定的要求:文化、联系和比较。

Welcome, SCLS United 请欣赏来自学生们的报道 

¡Spanish is a 


Hispanic Week 

Celebration at SCLS

Walking into the E-building lobby, there’s something that attracts the attention of teachers and students: a vibrant display on the front wall. The International Division World Languages Department set up this Hispanic-themed display as part of the Hispanic Heritage week celebration.


Celebrating Hispanic culture runs from September 15th to October 15th each year. They pass the culture on from generation to generation by celebrating the history, culture, and contributions of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.


Our school, home to a varied and international community with many different backgrounds and cultural differences, brought celebration into our lives again this year. From October 10th to October 14th, the World Languages Department organized the Hispanic Heritage Week with the goal of learning, making connections, and having fun.


文化传承演出 Hispanic Show

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On Wednesday, a Hispanic Show in the school theatre officially put on a start to the event. Performances included the Rock Band, orchestra, dances, plays, and many others.


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Throughout the week, events and celebrations are held around campus, inviting students to join.


美食品尝 Hispanic Cuisine

On Thursday, everyone was invited to the “Hispanic Cuisine” to drop by and taste some delicious traditional Hispanic dishes prepared by the ninth-grade Spanish students.


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西班牙文化传播 Spanish Workshop

On Friday, all teachers and non-Spanish language learners had the opportunity to visit a Spanish Workshop, where they had fun learning some Spanish language and culture.


皮纳塔派对 Piñata & Lottery

Finally, a Piñata and Lottery party was held on Friday outside the Spanish classrooms, and students and teachers gathered for candy and prizes.


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艺术展览 Art Exhibition

The art students made their contributions too:


The art exhibition “Alebrijes,” composed of colorful and imaginative sculptures, is created by art students.


In G-Building 1st floor, more students’ works of “Masks of Latin America & and Cubism Inspired Drawings” were displayed.


Hispanic literature, board games, and trivia were available in the library all week.


学生作品 Student Projects

In their classrooms, the Spanish Students took the chance to study and explore Hispanic Culture more in-depth.


6th Grade

Sixth graders researched the countries where Spanish is an official language—including their national symbols, demographics, famous places and people, and relevant news—and presented their findings in beautiful posters.


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7th Grade

Seventh-grade students learned about the histories and traditions associated with piñatas, then created their own.


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8th Grade

Eighth graders created self-portraits and poetries and collaborated on a Hispanic Literature Map.


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9th Grade

The students in grade 9 researched Hispanic Cuisine and prepared their traditional Hispanic dishes. Then, they presented their work to everyone, including video instructions and tasty food to try.


10th Grade

Tenth graders made a video documentary showcasing the presence and impact the Hispanic community has had -and continues to have- in China.


As the weekends, the Hispanic Heritage Week celebration reaches its conclusion too. However, the memorable experience certainly left an imprint on all students and teachers, teaching us inclusiveness and open-mindedness in learning.


作者: Jiayu Wang

翻译: Eika Xu, Simone Zhu

编辑: Simone Zhu, Miguel Valdes

摄影: Jiayu Wang, Isabelle Yu, Miguel Valdes, Eika Xu, Angel Luo

特别鸣谢: World languages department